Appendix B - SETx FCS Monthly Meeting Logs

SETxFCS kick off meeting (11/13/2019):
Summary: Discussed the topics on coordination between Lamar and UT, flood emergency response, flood mitigation, industrial issues, GIS base mapping, data assembly and robust access, an enactment exercise and development of protocols and a maintenance plan.

SETxFCS monthly meeting 1 (12/11/2019):
Summary: Focused on updates of regional projects (GLO), federal projects which could support data creation in the area, and workgroup creation. Presenters: Dr. David Maidment (UT Austin), Alan Rhea and Jason Stoker (USGS), and Dr. Clint Dawson (UT Austin)

SETxFCS monthly meeting 2 (01/08/2020):
Summary: Focused on hearing from the SE Texas Local & Regional members and their needs to best serve the area for flood preparedness. Presenters: Andy Carter (LandDev Consulting)

SETxFCS monthly meeting 3 (02/12/2020):
Summary: Focused on R.A.I.N, which is the Southeast Texas Regional Alerting & Information Network Portal. Also discussed ways to provide an on-line presence for the SETxFCS. Presenters: Mark Howard

SETxFCS monthly meeting 4 (03/11/2020):
Summary: Focused on USGS plans to conduct a case study in SE Texas and then upcoming HSEEP-compliant exercise (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) in April. Presenters: Jeff Danielson (USGS), Carman Apple (TDEM)

SETxFCS monthly meeting 5 (04/16/2020):
Summary: Focused on finding more resources readily. Funding has been appropriated for national hydrography mapping for Jefferson and Orange Counties. Presenters: Jonathan Brazzell NOAA/NWS

SETxFCS monthly meeting 6 (05/13/2020):
Summary: Executed SETxFCS Virtual Flood Exercise following the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) to help non-public safety groups better understand the data needs of public safety personnel during a flood. Planning Team: Carmen Apple and Edward Norman (TDEM); Harry Evans, Christine Thies, Larry Jantzen and David Arctur (UT) Page 2 of 2 October 2020

SETxFCS monthly meeting 7 (06/17/2020):
Summary: Focused on the data of high-water marks, introduction on reading post-event high water marks and the related online sources. Presenters: Jeff East (USGS)

SETxFCS monthly meeting 8 (07/15/2020):
Summary: Presentation from West Gulf River Forecast Center on NOAA/NWS Flood Inundation Mapping Across Texas Presenters: Mark Null, Derek Giardino (WGRFC)

SETxFCS monthly meeting 9 (08/12/2020):
Summary: Presented on various aspects of drainage in Jefferson, Orange and Chambers counties. Presenters: Dr. Joseph Majdalani (DD6), Alan Sims (LJA representing DD7 and DD3 and TBCD), Don Carona (Orange County Drainage District)

SETxFCS monthly meeting 10 (09/16/2020):
Summary: Texas General Land Office presented on planning grants & regional watershed studies. Chris Sallese (Dannenbaum Engineering) was introduced as leading the Region One River Basins Planning. Presenters: Tyler Payne (GLO)