Partners and Sponsors

Core Team for Coordination

Lamar Univ: Liv Haselbach (Team leader), Xing Wu (GIS), Qin Qian (Hydraulics), Erik Stromberg-CAPM (Ports, Industry), Nicholas Brake/Thinesh Selvaratnam (Infrastructure/Environmental), Natalie Tindall (Communications)

University of Texas: David Maidment (Lead), Harry Evans (Response), Christine Thies (Response, GIS),
David Arctur (GIS), Clint Dawson (Map Integration)

Cities: Adina Josey (Beaumont), Flozelle Roberts (Port Arthur), Taylor Shelton (Port Neches)

Drainage Districts: Doug Canant (DD6 Jefferson County), Don Carona (Orange County), Phil Kelley (DD7 Jefferson County)

County Floodplain Managers: Steve Stafford (Jefferson), Lisa Roberts (Orange), Brad Wilber (Chambers)

River Authorities: Scott Hall (LNVA), Mark Howard (SRA)

Texas Department of Transportation: Adam Jack, Andrew Lee

Texas Department of Emergency Management: Carman Apple

Texas Department of Public Safety: Capt. Michelle McDaniel

Texas General Land Office: Rhonda Masters

US Geological Survey: Alan Rea (Chief Scientist National Hydrography Dataset), Jason Stoker (National Lead Elevation), Jeff Danielson (CoNED Applications Project Chief)

NOAA/National Weather Service: Jonathan Brazzell (Service Hydrologist Lake Charles)

United States Army Corps of Engineers: Alicia Rea, Lisa McCracken Mairs

Financial Sponsors: Lamar University College of Engineering and Center for Port Management, University of Texas Center for Water and the Environment, Lower Neches Valley Authority, Sabine River Authority.